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Our experts are certified to deliver trustworthy, and accurate valuations and restorations for your classic watches. 


It's time to service & safeguard your valuable timepiece.

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A good quality watch are investment pieces and can be an heirloom handed down through generations. Because of this, it pays to take great care of them and find an artisan you can trust.


Timepieces can appreciate in value like a savvy real estate buy –  a Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Gucci, IWC and their peers all hold and appreciate their worth. 


It’s not simply a calculation of precious metals within the watch to determine its value. The process of determining the value of your timepiece is complex and considerations include the rarity of the item, the current market demand for your watch, and its history.

The better cared for, the rarer the watch, the more highly sought after, and the higher the value. 


That being said – if you have a vintage or antique watch, don’t rush to clean it up before our valuation. It may be worth more in its original condition, and if not, we’ll advise you.


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Watch Repairs with
Swiss precision

A poorly repaired watch can damage the value of your timepiece. Our master watch craftsmen will repair your timepiece with careful consideration and restore it to its heirloom piece glory.

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Technical skills you can rely on built on years of experience.  

Trusted & reputable watch repairers that work with precision and care.

Experts in all makes and models, vintage or modern, issues big or small.


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