guide to custom making your jewellery ring item


Our guide to custom-making

Discover our process and see how our design exceeds expectations.


Be mesmerised with our one-of-a-kind design just for you.

Create new heirloom-quality jewellery that will last generations or reimagine an existing piece you no longer reach for.


Collaborate with our designers and master craftsmen – explore our carefully curated reclaimed or new diamonds and gemstones and let your imagination soar.


Don’t let your jewellery collect dust, remodel it into something you will feel good wearing time and time again. We can recut gemstones, melt precious metals, turn many pieces into one spectacular head-turning piece.

Often, we have an emotional attachment to jewellery, but we don’t love its style. Your grandmother’s engagement ring, your mother’s most cherished pendant – outdated and just sitting in a jewellery box unworn.


Remodelling is a way to merge its beautiful history with your own style as one, so it can be cherished and see the light of day with love and pride.

three Reasons To Design your CUSTOM jewellery with us

We collaborate with you in person throughout the journey to make your vision come to life.

We have over 60 years of combined experience as market leaders in custom designs.

We create high-quality bespoke pieces you can trust is made to wear for a lifetime.


Style inspiration is a very personal process. To review some of the possible styles visit our inspiration design page.


Pay homage to a beloved era with a romantic, art deco inspired engagement ring. Look back in time or draw inspiration from nature, the elements, landscapes, textures, patterns and fashion.

True inspiration often comes from the very reason you’re designing a piece.


The celebration of life’s many milestones – weddings, anniversaries, significant birthdays, baptisms, a loved one.

A ring or pendant to honour a survivor and pay tribute to personal challenges conquered.


We take all the meaning behind your inspirations and weave them into a design that truly reflects its story. 


There are varying techniques to set diamonds and gems that transform the entire look of a ring.



Highlight a magnificent stone with a classic prong setting. Or you may prefer additional sparkle with diamonds crafted into a pave setting or micro claw setting.



A halo ring setting can enhance the size of a feature diamond or gemstone even further – encompassing your centre stone with glittering diamonds.


The main stone in your design is one of the most important choices in the design process.



Your main stone will often determine design choices like height and setting. This central stone will set the tone and balance of the entire design.



We have a staggering collection of new and reclaimed gemstones for your selection – every shape, colour and cut you could hope for. We scour the world for rare and precious stones, often recutting them to create modern beauties.



Our artisans will guide you to understand the value and trends of gemstones, helping you select the dazzling one that sparks joy.


We encourage you to explore the different metals and how they come together with all the elements of your ring.

Yellow or white gold, platinum, silver – what colour complements or contrasts the gemstone you have chosen?


What is your preferred finish for a ring? The most common being high polished, satin or brushed and hammer finished.


More contemporary finishes include wire brushed and sandblasted for a textural modern touch


Hallmark Stamp
Metal Purity
Added Alloys
Suitable for rings
Suitable for other types of jewellery
24 carat
99.99% Gold
*Not with Gemstones
18 carat
75% Gold
25% Alloys
14 carat
58.5% Gold
41.5% Alloys
9 carat
37.5% Gold
62.5% Alloys
95% Platinum
5% Alloys
Sterling Silver
92.5% Silver
7.5% Alloys


Detailed sides to a ring are often where you’ll find the difference between highly-skilled jewellery design, unique pieces and mass-produced items. It’s often where the wow factor lies.



Detailed sides require a thorough understanding of the structural integrity of jewellery design. They take time and master craftsmanship to hand forge.



Fine filigree & piercing, setting gems & diamonds, (and designing the gallery in proportion) can turn a design into something truly striking.


When you sit down with our jewellery designers every millimetre of your ring is custom designed for you.


The width and depth of the band, and shoulders can significantly contribute not only to the overall look of your ring but the comfort in its wearability.


It’s imperative that your ring fits well, doesn’t move around on your finger, and allows you to open and close your fingers with ease and comfort.


Bespoke jewellery is not limited to rings. Our jewellery designers and artisans have masterfully created many pieces of jewellery to be treasured.


From intricate pendants, enchanting earrings to exquisite bracelets, the options are limitless for what we can create with care, spirit and sentimentality.


Your custom journey begins with a personal consultation with our artisans to hear your story, inspiration, and vision for all the above design elements.


Our masterful jewellery designer will conceptualise all of this into a sketch as the first step to turning your vision into reality.


Providing visuals of how your design will look can then be easily fine-tuned based on your feedback.


A designer and master craftsman must work hand in hand in the build phase of your custom design to ensure that your piece is perfect.


The value of your jewellery can vary dramatically according to the method used to craft it. And we take perfect very seriously.


Our head designer laughs when clients point out her blackened fingernails, but crafting dream jewellery can be dirty work.


Working closely together with the master craftsmen in our onsite the valley studio, the team collaborate and check-in with each other every step of the way.


An engraving on a piece of jewellery, often words of love, tell the story of its beginnings and special meaning.


Names and dates are traditional, as are wedding favourites – the infinity symbol, to have and to hold, till death do us part and happily ever after. Words of inspiration are also becoming increasingly popular – I can – All for one – You are loved – Breathe.


People choose to express themselves individually through engravings – nicknames, the lyric of a song, a line from a poem, or the mapping coordinates of your first kiss.


Whatever it is, it is done with love.


We always try to go the extra mile to make your piece so much more special. We listen to the story, find the meaning behind it, and together we build an heirloom just for you.



One of the most meaningful personal touches we’ve been honoured with was through Tanya’s special story.


To celebrate her young daughter surviving cancer and in honour of their friend who didn’t, Tanya worked with us to design a ring that symbolised this journey of trials and triumphs.



On the underside lies a deeply set, tiny yellow diamond. The main design of the ring is a head-turning masterpiece for all to admire, but this tiny inset diamond is for Tanya alone.



A little secret for herself and a reminder to cherish each other as there is no promise of tomorrow – “there but for the grace of God, go I.”


Your custom journey culminates with the big reveal.


We pride ourselves on ensuring your bespoke piece is presented with care and savouring that exciting element of surprise.


Part of the magic of bespoke jewellery lies in this final moment. Every piece that leaves our studio does so with love in an exquisite velvet box AND gorgeous gift box, ready to be worn and cherished forever.

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