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A talented team
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Value, Buy, Bespoke Design, Remodel.


We are an authority in the jewellery industry.

We hold multiple certifications and are registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) and the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA). 


We value ethical & trustworthy collaboration.

We have over 150 years of combined experience in gemmology and the jewellery industry focusing on the accuracy and precision of the item’s value in specific markets.


We understand the market & measure everything.

During your valuation we determine the value of the precious metals and gems, the quality of the setting and its history. We determine the current market value and rareness of your item.

Valuations, remodelling, custom-make designs, engagement rings, you name it. We do Jewellery.


We are passionate,
jewellery-obsessed and
a rare find in the industry.

Redefining the jewellery industry through a collaborative approach to a full spectrum of jewellery-related services.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality services and craftsmanships with our qualifications, experience, and commitment to continual evolution.


We are motivated by providing a seamless, transparent and personable experience for our customers.


We are inspired creatively through your stories, our collaboration, and the vision you wish to carve into reality.

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Independent Valuations

World class experts with the technical knowledge and experience to accurately assess and valuate your treasured items.

Remodelling and Repairs

Our Master Jewellers are perfectionists and hold to our highest standards – a remodel or repair requires an equal amount of precision as new pieces, sometimes more.

Redesign any existing
jewellery piece

Precious metals and gemstones are eternal, but the ring doesn’t have to be. Remodel your unworn jewellery into something you will adore forever.

Estate buying not just jewellery

Work with us if you need to liquidate an estate, end to end. We value and/or buy entire estates at a fair market price.


We are committed to providing the best service in the market.

Our team are a group of the most broadly skilled jewellery professionals. Jewellery valuations experts, jewellery designers and master jewellers working together from our two conveniently based locations in Brisbane – Hamilton and Fortitude Valley.

Ready to collaborate on all your jewellery needs?


Dedicated professionals

Sarina Cheney
Sarina, our fearless leader is as rare as a pink diamond – a registered NCJV jewellery valuer, qualified gemologist and a talented jewellery designer with a keen flair for borrowing vintage elements into exquisite modern pieces.

As multifaceted as the diamonds she works with is respectfully referred to as our unicorn due to the magic she weaves within the rare combination of expertise in jewellery design, gemology, valuations, and running her own business studio with a team of master jewellers for decades.
Rebecca’s career was destined to be with jewellery. Her mother operated a small jewellery boutique in the heart of Fortitude Valley, and that is where her love affair with the industry began.

Rebecca loves and deeply understands the emotional connection people have with their jewellery. She especially adores coloured gemstones.
Tahlia has the jewellery industry in her bloodlines. Her grandfather was a Master Jeweller and her grandmother was a trailblazer, operating her own jewellery store. She has always been drawn to the creative world with her discerning eye for detail.

Following in her family’s footsteps, she combines her passion for design and attention to detail.

Tahlia spends her days’ fine-tuning design ideas and falling deeper and deeper in love with jewellery. To Tahlia, her work in the valley studio is her cornucopia of fine raw materials and precious gemstones.

Give her the deep blue of a fine sapphire in a sunless jewellery studio over a bright blue sky any day.
The foundation of Jason’s career started in Fine Arts and Industrial Manufacturing. He brings his design, creativity, and an extraordinary eye for detail to the jeweller’s bench. Jason was inspired to move his creative genius to the jewellery industry after designing his own wedding rings. The process was a deeply personal and moving experience for him, which he, in turn, provides for his clients too.

A perfect teammate to George’s classical tastes, Jason thinks outside the traditional jewellery motifs. His innovation and design genius has been recognised with a design award from the JAA (Jewellery Association of Australia). It’s like the Oscars, but for Jewellers.
George is a Master Jewellery Craftsman with over 40 years of experience in the industry. He keeps flirting and failing at retirement. He completed his apprenticeship at the top of his class in Greece and headed for Germany with a 2-year scholarship to enhance his skills.

With such extraordinary experience in the industry, there isn’t much that George hasn’t seen, crafted, repaired, or remodelled. Notwithstanding, his love of handcrafting beautiful pieces never falters, and his source of inspiration continues to thrive.

His very favourite art form is recrafting the classics and his favourite stone is a blood-red ruby.


Some of our finest work.

I recently performed several valuations from an estate. A few items that the client thought was costume jewellery were in fact, very valuable, including a rare, unheated Ceylon star sapphire. We can’t tell you how much this was, but we can tell you that our client’s jaw dropped”. 


Sarina – Founder










Combined experience


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